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Whether you’re a new homeowner or have owned a home for decades, lowering your utility bill is one of the fastest ways to save money on your housing costs. But with electricity rates getting higher and higher, this can feel like an uphill battle. Here are my best tips on how to lower your bill just in time for summer air conditioning costs: 

– Get an energy audit. Most energy companies will do a free audit of your home to see where you can reduce your energy usage and save money. 

– Install dimmer switches. By reducing the amount of power the lighting takes, you’ll save energy and money. Bonus: your rooms will automatically feel much cozier. 

– Install ceiling fans. Ceiling fans have an upfront cost, but they’ll save you money by circulating the cool air throughout your rooms. 

– Change the HVAC filter regularly. When your HVAC filter is dirty, your air conditioner has to use more power to suck in the air. If you live in a hot area where the air conditioner is on for long periods of time, try changing the filter monthly. 

– Get regular maintenance for your HVAC. Save yourself from melting away because of a broken air conditioner and save money on energy by getting your HVAC system serviced each year. 

– Switch to LEDs. LED light bulbs use much less energy than other lights and they don’t put off much heat, which will decrease your air conditioning needs. 

– Add landscapes for shade. Spend a little money this summer putting in shady plants around your house. Your house will stay cooler, and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come!

Now that you’ve saved money on your electric bill, you can put that money somewhere more fun like a vacation or savings for a new home!


 Grade 9 Graduation!

Grade 9 graduation day for my crazy Frazy.  He disliked taking pictures (hmmm, I wonder where he got that from).  Frazer came into my life at a young age.  It was a roller coaster ride with him and a considerable parenting challenge for me.  

One of my biggest fears when I had my daughter Amaya years later, was making sure he knew that I loved him equally very much.  

@frazer_christie you da bomb ❤️.


Should you buy a home before you retire? 

Well, there are several pros and cons, and like all real estate choices, it depends on your specific situation.
Today’s video will walk you through the different things you’ll need to consider when deciding if buying a retirement home before you retire is the right choice for you. 

If you have any questions about buying a home for retirement, let’s connect, and we can chat.


Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you can make, and it’s a huge milestone in your life. And whether you’re buying a house for the first time or the fifth, you want to make sure you don’t accidentally sabotage your chances of getting the house you want. 

And that’s why it’s so important to never apply for new debt when you’re trying to close on a house! 

Adding new debt when you’re trying to buy a house is one of the biggest red flags in the real estate industry because it can wreck your chances of getting a mortgage. 

Any new debt will increase your debt-to-income ratio, which is what lenders look at to determine whether they can give you a mortgage or not. When you increase the debt you hold, you increase that ratio. If the ratio goes above 35-40%, most lenders will not fund your mortgage. And even if they can still provide you with a mortgage, they may decrease the amount you can receive–spelling doom for your closing day. 

Additionally, when you apply for new debt, whether it be a new car loan or a new credit card, it will show up on your credit report and lower your credit score. 

This is not what your lender wants to see and it will definitely increase your interest rates.

And yes, this can happen even if you’ve been pre-approved. You can’t get the actual funding for a house until your mortgage is officially approved during the closing process. And if your lender sees any new debt, your chances of getting approved decrease greatly. 

When you’re buying a house, you’re trying to pinch every penny, which can make it tempting to get a new credit card to tide you over. But it is so important to wait to take out new debt until after you’ve closed on the house. Otherwise, you could end up having to walk away from the sale.


244 Active Listings 

20 Pending 

21  Sold

Average Price $321,694

Average Days on Market 57 DOM

Are you Interested to know how much your home is worth?  Let’s chat, and I would be happy to discuss your Real Estate Needs.


Inheriting a property and dealing with probate can sound overwhelming and intimidating.

And while the process is a little more complicated than most real estate processes, it’s not that bad once you understand how the pieces all work together!

Today’s video is a primer on probate and real estate and should answer most of your questions.

But if you still have questions about probate or inheriting property, just send me a DM!



Going through a divorce and selling a home at the same time can be overwhelming, so it’s easy to make mistakes. Here are 6 of the most common mistakes I see.

Mistake 1: Failing to preserve the capital gains tax break. When you sell a house, you won’t be taxed on the first $250,000 of gain. Talk with an experienced real estate agent to make sure you can claim this as it will save you a ton of money. 

Mistake 2: Allowing emotions to cloud financial decisions. Selling a house is an emotional process for most people. And when you throw the emotions of a divorce into the mix, it can get ugly. It’s so important to stay collected and logical. Otherwise, you could end up making mistakes that will cost you!

Mistake 3: Making the divorce obvious to potential buyers. Buyers can be superstitious, and people might be scared to buy a home where a divorce took place, especially if they’re newlyweds!

Mistake 4: Not sharing relevant portions of the divorce decree with your agent. Your agent needs to know the whole story to accurately guide you through the selling process, so share what’s necessary with them. 

Mistake 5: Hiring a real estate agent who hasn’t worked with divorced clients. Working with an agent who has served divorcing clients will make your life much easier because they’ll have the experience you need to avoid these mistakes.

Mistake 6: Letting maintenance around the house slide. A divorce is mentally, emotionally, and physically draining, which makes it easy to let maintenance go. Don’t let this happen to you and stay on top of maintenance. 

At the end of the day, remember that selling a house is a business transaction, so you need to stay focused. A great real estate agent will provide the experience, knowledge and help you need to stay sane throughout the process. 


Market 411

Welcome to my monthly real estate market update for Lloydminster. Let us take a look and see what happened with the real estate market last month.

Tune in for the Market 411…

71 Properties Sold in April of 2022.

The average selling price range was $319,745, with an average of 82 days on the market. 

Want to know more about how much your home is worth? Reach out, and let’s connect.



If you’re buying a house, you probably know that many different things can impact the value of a home. And the value of the house ultimately impacts how much you buy it for—and sell it for down the road. 

And one thing that can impact the value of a home is the school district the property is located in. Even if you don’t have kids, you should pay attention to the school district. Because whether you end up using the schools or not, they can impact your home’s value! 

A good school district with highly rated schools nearby is a major draw for many buyers, which can add to your home’s resale value. That can translate to more cash in your pocket when you sell your home in the future. In fact, one study found that homes in high-rated school districts sold for $50 more per square foot compared to similar homes in lower-rated school districts. That’s a huge increase in value! 

So when you’re looking at properties, don’t forget to take a look at the surrounding schools while you’re shopping. Your real estate agent will be able to give you some facts on the neighbourhood, but websites like or and your state’s Department of Education can help you see how the schools in the area perform. 

That being said, the school district isn’t the end-all-be-all when it comes to choosing a house. You should focus more on how the property itself will fit into your lifestyle and whether it meets your needs. 

But school districts are something to consider as they do impact resale values. And if you’re trying to decide between two similar properties, the school districts might be a deciding factor. If you’re looking for a house that fits your needs and retains its resale value, I’ll help you find the perfect house for your goals. 

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